Einhell GC-HM 300 Hand Push Lawnmower — Manual Lawn-Mower With 30cm Cutting Width, 16L Grass Box, 4 Cutting Height Levels — Walk-Behind Lawn Mower For Small Gardens


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  • The einhell gc-hm 300 manual lawn mower is a robust functional lawn mower without a motor drive for the clean quiet and mowing of lawns of up to 150 m in size
  • The ball-bearing mounted mower spindle with 5 high-grade steel blades is designed for a cutting width of 30 cm. the cutting height adjustment facility with 4 levels can be adjusted to individual requirements between 13 mm and 37 mm
  • The plastic roller has a diameter of 45 mm. the manual lawn mower has lawn-friendly large wheels. the 16 liter grass catch basket is removable and easy to empty A curved long handle provides optimum on-the-job ergonomics and there is a parking position for easy and secure storage of the lawn mower
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY – Einhell Power Tools Come With A 2 Year Warranty As Standard With An Extra 1 Year Available On Registration
  • Note: When cutting grass the expert advice is to aim to reduce the lawn height by one third. Therefore if the customer has very long grass (such as the 3 inch example given) it should be cut with the mower at the highest setting initially lowering to the required length over time Even when doing this the first pass is going to offer a lot more resistance to the blade and therefore be harder to push this will become significantly easier each time.