BFG Garden Hoe Garden Rake 2 in 1 Gardening Tools, 7cm Wide Digging Hoe, 3 Prong Garden Fork for Garden Soil, Hand Hoe Hand Rake Cultivator Garden Tool 32cm Length, Soil Rake & Mattock Gardening Tool


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  • ✅ TECHNICAL DATA: Size: 7cm wide and 32 cm long; Material: This small weeding tool is made from a solid carbon steel that will withstand many gardening tasks.
  • ✅ VERSATILE: This 2-in-1 garden weeder tool is highly functional the 7cm wide head will fit most densly packed vegetation. The draw hoe with garden claw tool will help you dig rake break up and aerate the soil efficiently.
  • ✅ COMFORTABLE & STYLISH: Our allotment equipment is incredibly comfortable in use thanks to the rubberised ergonomic handles. While being very practical this hand cultivator will also look great when helping you with any task.
  • ✅ DURABLE: This weed remover tool is made from highly resistant carbon steel. Our compact sized garden digger makes a great addition to your garden tool set.
  • ✅ FUNCTIONAL: With our garden hand tools you can work on narrow beds and borders. It is ideal for gardening and plant care in the garden on the terrace etc. Perfect hoe garden tool for weeding and raking the soil around small plants.